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STIR Research operates on a shared philosophy that diligent quantitative research and a well-defined analytical process, rigorously adhered to is the key to identifying, recommending and monitoring investment opportunities that will translate into superior long term, risk adjusted returns.


STIR Research provides our Subscribers with clear, easy-to-follow trading instructions for a variety of markets.


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Become a STIR Subscriber by using our easy, registration form. Simple sign-up and get immediate access to the day’s trading signals and all the resources in our Subscribers area.


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The power of our model portfolios is in their flexibility. About half of our model portfolios are fund specific, just follow the asset allocation recommendations. For the other half, you decide which mutual funds, ETF or other investment vehicle you will use to follow. A table of possible investment vehicles is included in our secured Subscriber area.


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Sit back, relax, and wait for your next email. Subscribers receive e-mail updates daily, alerting you to NO RECOMMENDATIONS or NEW RECOMMENDATIONS for the day. Performance and value can be added by identifying the leading asset groups with the flexibility to change with the market’s environment.


In just minutes per day, STIR Research can dramatically improve your investment returns and cut your risk in half, helping you profit in ALL market environments. 


Marshall L Schield, Chief Strategist is seen as a pioneer in quantitative analysis and in the field of sector investing, and author of one of the first books on Sector investing entitled, “Sector Funds for Trophy Returns” and author of the new book “Dow 85000! Aim Higher!” The  STIR portfolio research team has more than four decades of combined experience making a difference through Bull Markets, Bear Markets, and adding value in a Neutral Market. 
























Milestone Market Calls Past Four Decades

Marshall L Schield, Chief Strategist, STIR Research LLC


  1. In early 1980’s named by Money Magazine as one of top four market timers for prior decade which was a tough secular bear market.

  2. Buy signal generated in August 1982.

  3. Avoided Crash of 1987 (stocks fell over -25% in single day), winning recognition in Barron’s, USA Today and other national publications as one of the few managers to be out of the market.

  4. In 1990, along with Troy Schield managed the #1 capital appreciation fund according to Lipper Analytical Services.

  5. In 1997, authored the first book on sector fund investing: ‘Sector Funds for Trophy Returns’.

  6. Late 1998-2000, while participating in last bull market run was one of only a handful of strategist preparing for new secular bear market.

  7. Avoided the majority of 2000-2002 and 2007-2009 bear market declines of over -50% and participating in 2002-2007 and 2009-2011bull markets.

  8. Sell signal on Nov. 7, 2007 (S&P 500 at 1476).

  9. Buy signal on June 1, 2009 (S&P 500 at 943).

  10. Bullish call on October 31, 2011, only four weeks into new secular bull market.

  11. 2013 STIR Research Market Outlook, forecast for new all time highs and a 20% S&P move.


STIR has additional support team members that provide backup service on running the quantitative analysis daily, web site support, technical advice, customer service, and billing located in Denver and Dallas.

Marshall Schield

Chief Strategist

Marshall devotes his full time to tactical portfolio research for STIR Research. He has been interviewed in national and regional publications such as Barron’s, USA Today, Registered Representative, Personal Financial Planning, and Investment Advisor Magazine, 401(k) Wire, Employee Benefit News, The Denver Business Journal, Human Resource Executive Magazine and Black Enterprise. He has appeared on numerous financial broadcast programs and is a frequent speaker to financial professionals.

Sandra Schield


Sandra has over 35 years of experience in the financial industry. With more than 25 years of her experience in the development and marketing of new services. Sandra is the President and Chief Editor of STIR Research. Some of her financial experience includes working for Smith Barney and SMC, where she was in charge of operations, and moving to head of marketing, as well as owning and operating a successful company in Canada. Sandra also is the Owner and President of Candia Design LLC, a financial marketing firm. In addition, she was an integral part of several corporate mergers.

Steven Gray

Senior Strategist

Steven has been a member of the STIR Research team since its inception and assists in the daily quantitative and relative strength analysis. He has presented at numerous trade shows and introduces STIR Research to advisors and institutional investors. Steven is also in the process of receiving his Series 65 designation. His other skills also include interactive web design, marketing campaign packaging and presentations.

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