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Higher Returns with Less Risk

At STIR, you will find everything an experienced professional could want, all in one place. It’s all yours to use and enjoy. Besides our commitment to quality tactical research publications, you always have the support of our entire research team. At you will have access to up-to-date information such as performance, charts, interactive tools and proprietary STIR research. Use our online menus to research models or communicate with us, quickly and easily.


Benefits of the STIR Research Subscriber


  • Research Portfolio Models: Over 35 diversified research models and Indexes based upon 4 decades of experience. STIR Research is quantitative, active, rule based and risk managed. Individual research models are primarily equity oriented, with three bond models and one equity income model. Subscribers receive clear allocations with buy and sell signals.


  • Daily Recommendations Updates: Subscribers do not need to visit the web site daily as STIR sends out your Subscriber email within an hour of the opening bell with any changes/recommendations on any of the portfolio models. This does not mean a change occurs daily, but your notification will clearly tell you if a change occurred and in which research model. If a change occurs that a Subscriber is following, you can then click on the attachment to see the new recommendation. If a Subscriber happens to miss one or two days, simply clicking on the old email will keep you updated.


  • Daily Commentary: Included with the daily recommendations are comments that our Chief Strategist feels may be applicable or an explanation of any changes that may have occurred that day.


  • Research News: Typically twice a week a more lengthy commentary is sent out, which outlines current trends or opinions we believe might be of interest.


  • Monthly Historical Data Analysis: Once a month our Subscribers receive an excel workbook with monthly historical data analysis on all the research models. This allows the Subscriber the ability to dig deeper into the history of a model. It also gives you the ability to create your own combination of models and analyze the historical return. Several benchmarks are provided to compare results to. This data also includes Beta, Standard Deviation and Annualized Return formulas, and also allows users to view different periods of time to study performance, rising or falling markets, time to recover from a decline, etc.


  • Weekly STIR Market Environment Indicator (MEI) Update: The MEI is one of two major risk management tools analyzed by STIR Research. It measures the overall health of the market in terms of trend and momentum. The MEI is updated at the end of every trading week and on the first trading day of the new week, within the Daily Commentary, Subscribers are updated on the current status of the MEI.


  • Portfolio Snapshot: More in-depth review of our Strategist analysis on STIR Research Portfolio Models, and historical, current and projected market opinions. RSA, Relative Strength Analysis, STIR Market Environment Indicator (MEI), and Individual Fund Signals (IFS). A Cliff Note of all the quantitative tools utilized with each research model. Gives Subscribers a quick guide of the internal rules of each research model.


  • LVRD Index News: While Subscribers have full access to the current research and recommendations of the LVRD Indexes, this informative letter is sent to those who have purchased “Dow 85000! Aim Higher!” Our promise in the book is to keep Subscribers informed on the progress of the markets and the STIR Indexes in reaching their goals by 2030. Unlike other authors who write predictions and never follow up, we are committed to a very different path, this is a monthly progress report.

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