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Investors seeking solid investment returns and a smoother investment experience (smaller market declines) should consider the STIR Low Volatility Rising Dividend Index (LVRD) as a guide to what is possible. Over the last several years, dividend’s contribution to total return has grown in investor’s attention. Investors are understanding that, historically, dividends have accounted on average over 40% to total market returns.  


With bonds and money markets failing to deliver returns desired by investors (boomers and millennial's), they have been seeking strategies that will produce a steady source of income, potential for appreciation and with less expected volatility than the equity market.

STIR Research’s team, with 50+ years of market experience, through the LVRD Index shows what is possible in a risk managed, global portfolio of dividend paying and low volatility ETF’s. Unlike the current offerings of low volatility or dividend paying ETFs, STIR’s LVRD Index is diversified and actively managed.

Investment Goals of the LVRD Index:

  • A diversified portfolio of five ETF’s, all with RISING Dividends.

  • To participate in over 80% of the equity markets gains.

  • To avoid over 45% of the markets decline in major bear markets.

  • Tax efficiency.

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