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What will the next bear market look like: Grizzly or Teddy?

The positives of a bear market

What wall street strategists could learn from Vegas

ProActive Magazine Articles

85,000 on the Dow

Why use an Ultra Sector strategy?

Are we in a new global secular bull market?

ProActive Magazine Articles

Guru Investor Blog

Ultra funds, bull markets, and the power of leverage and compounding

Keys for a successful low-volatility / rising dividend portfolio

ProActive Magazine Articles

Secrets of a successful sector strategy

Will record market highs for the S&P 500 extend to 3,300?

Is it time for Emerging Markets to lead?

2018 Outlook: Will the Market Outperform Expectations Again?

Can the 2018 market rally resume its record setting course?

ProActive Magazine Articles


More Record Highs Early in Quarter, but Down Quarter Breaks Nine Quarter Winning Streak!

The LVRD Index, along with the market, set numerous all-time highs in January! But rising investor fears of higher interest rates and possibility of a trade war offset great economic and corporate news, sending the market and the LVRD to their first quarterly declines in ten quarters. The 2% dip was small when compared to the LVRD rising over 40% the previous nine quarters.

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