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Higher Returns With Less Risk


STIR Research is a leading provider of independent tactical research for Institutional Investors and Financial Advisors. The delivery of timely, in-depth, unbiased institutional research models gives the STIR Subscribers’ a powerful tool that is a distinct advantage in helping to achieve financial objectives that translate into superior long term, risk adjusted returns. Our diversified investment models provide flexibility, consistent performance, reduce portfolio volatility, and risk factors. Clear buy, sell, and hold recommendations, full historical data, time tested models where most have experienced, Bull and Bear Cyclical and Secular Markets.


STIR illustrates all of its research in the form of models. Many of the models have been in existence for over eighteen years. Our research goal is to provide as much history as possible, in analyzing how a model reacts in as many different market environments as possible. History shows us how the model performed under a variety of market conditions; how was the performance in a bull cycle, what was the draw down in a bear cycle, what was the length of the draw down, how volatile is the model, does it add value, does it achieve its predetermined goal, etc.


Models are created to solve an investment problem. How can I achieve the best results from an international investment? Are their smarter ways to invest in the domestic market? Can a sector strategy add value to my portfolio? Can I enhance the bond return? If the market is locked in long term trading periods, can a style box strategy increase returns?


STIR does more than simply providing tactical research. While other research services simply tell you to buy or sell this fund, etc., STIR Research goes much deeper. We provide the completed product, a diversified equity or bond portfolio; to meet the needs of aggressive to the most conservative.


Quantitative Analysis, trend and relative strength analysis, is the foundation of the STIR model portfolio construction process. Disciple and experience is the foundation for our success.  About 1/3rd of all the STIR model portfolios may have changes in allocations only quarterly while others are reviewed daily and therefore can have changes within the quarter. The concept is for the Subscriber who wants a tactical allocation, can basically predetermine activity levels.


STIR Research is NOT a broker/dealer or registered investment advisor, but an experienced research publication firm that provides research for hundreds of advisors.


Current Publications

Publication of our second book, "Dow 85000! Aim Higher!"

3rd Edition - September 2015

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